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Soft Skills Training for Supervisors, Managers and Team-Leaders

Hope-Cottage provides tailored training courses: soft skills training that is adapted to meet the needs of the people and the organisations that we work with.

In this increasingly competitive world, the accomplishment of jobs has evolved to more than just having qualifications and technical skills. In addition to better occupational knowledge, employers are also looking out for employees with “softer” management skills, widely known as soft skills.

Soft skills are personal attributes and competences that enhance an individual’s ability to interact effectively with others and are broadly applicable both in and outside the workplace. They include proficiencies such as effective communication, conflict resolution and negotiation, personal effectiveness, creative problem solving, and influencing skills, amongst others.

Soft skills are actually life skills that everyone should have to enhance professional relationships and job performance in order to become more successful at specific stages of life and career.

Hope Cottage programs for personal and interpersonal skills training courses are designed to help both executives and senior executives gain the soft skills they need in harnessing the collective capabilities of fellow team members towards achieving set objectives.

If you are looking for soft skills training for your team, colleagues or students we will be pleased to hear from you and to discuss how we can help, and tailor a course for your needs.

With Hope Cottage soft skills training you will save up to 50% of usual cost, but still receive the outstanding service that you need.

Tel: 07850 039027 or email: hopecottagecareeradvisors@btconnect.com

Assertiveness at Work Workshop

Many of us have problems asking for what we want or saying no without feeling guilty.  We may respond to pressure either by giving in or becoming aggressive.  We may not know how to give and receive feedback or how to negotiate effectively. 
This one day practical course is designed to help increase your assertiveness and to give you the knowledge and skills to deal with all these situations effectively. 

Programme details:

What is assertiveness?
• Recognising the difference between aggressive, assertive and passive behaviour
• Being assertive – what it means. 

Self-talk, beliefs and assertiveness
• Becoming aware of your inner voice and beliefs and whether they help or hinder you
• Learn to change limiting beliefs and negative self-talk
Rights and responsibilities
Understanding your rights and the responsibilities and consequences of asserting them
Requesting and refusing
• Making requests assertively
• Saying ‘no’ without feeling guilty 
• Negotiating assertively
Handling aggressive behaviour and put downs
• How to deal with aggressive behaviour and manipulative criticism from others
Being comfortable with handling negative criticism
• How to receive criticism constructively
• How to give constructive feedback to others
Practice session - planning to be assertive
• Planning your approach to being assertive in the future in difficult situations at work 
Practice session – one-to-one practice session
• Putting the skills learned into practice. Review, action plans and evaluation

Price: £195.00pd

If you would you like to have this workshop in-house, and have it tailored to your organisation, then please contact: hopecottagecareeradvisors@btconnect.com 

Gloria Waithe is an experienced trainer, coach and consultant with over 30 years’ experience of training in both the public and private sectors.  She has worked as a trainer since 1984 and has run courses on the whole range of management and personal development including communication and interpersonal skills, Effective Delegation, Supervision and Team Leadership, Self Esteem and Personal Effectiveness for Multinationals, large and small Organisations both in the UK and West Africa. 

 Confidence at Work training workshop

 Confidence at Work programme

- What gives some people supreme self-confidence? 
- How do they manage to deal with difficult situations with apparent ease? 
- How do they maintain such high self-esteem?  

In this fascinating and highly motivational workshop you’ll learn the tricks and techniques of building and maintaining great self-confidence, appearing confident (even if you’re not) and taking back control.

As you appear more confident, so you’ll find others treating you differently, new doors opening and a new sense of enjoyment of working and social life emerging.

Programme Details:

The emotional loop:

· From vicious circle to virtuous cycle
· Getting back your self-esteem 
· Enhancing your personal power 
· Dealing with different types of difficult people
· Recognising and managing types of difficult behaviours 

Meetings and greetings:

· Creating the right first impression
· Using your voice
· Making what you do sound interesting 

Standing your ground - saying NO:

· Exploring the joys of saying no with confidence 

Patterns of behaviour:

· Aggressive, passive, assertive traits
· Learning to be assertive 

Confidence building techniques:

§ 50 fantastic confidence building techniques, including:
§ Instant calm
§ Controlling others’ emotional state
§ Preventing intimidation by others, without uttering a word
§ Calming the inner voice
§ Finding and using other people’s hot buttons 
§ Personal action planning and next steps

Price: £195.00 pd

Contact: hopecottagecareeradvisors@btconnect.com   

Credibility, Confidence and Charisma Workshop       

Certain individuals have an air of authority - that indefinable aura of being in charge. They walk with inner confidence and get respect. Some people think that this sort of “presence” is something that you’re either born with, or that you never will have. But they’re wrong: you can develop your credibility, confidence and charisma so that when you walk into a room, people look up. We’ll show you how.

Programme Details:

Setting the scene:
·        Practice the first tool of the day 
Putting the foundation stones in place
·        Pinpoint what makes someone stand out as “charismatic, confident and credible” Vs (in the alleged words of former British boxing champion Brian London) “only a prawn in the game”.
·        Find out what scientist Albert Mehrabian *really* discovered about credibility, and what the implications are for you 
Learn how to turn on confidence like switching on a light
·        … and learn how to get rid of that “this’ll never work” voice in your head 
Packaging your content:
·        Learn a simple format for making even an impromptu announcement compelling
·        Apply Grinder’s scientific research on shifting between Credible & Approachable
Discover how to deliver bad news without whipping up emotions 
Physical presence:
·        Reveal the 3 key elements of body language that can boost your charisma
·        Walk the Wild West Walk
·        Put the science of Proxemics to use, especially for external meetings
Para linguistics:  Having a voice that says “I mean business” On the spot
·        Learn the Key 3 Things you need to know, in order to think on your feet and keep your credibility              
Taking the learning forward
·        Making it real
·        Keeping the momentum

Duration: 1 to 2 Days

Price: £195.00pd

Contact: hopecottagecareeradvisors@btconnect.com